1. Tell us about your problem and contact via email:

2. Give us Name and Last name and order number.

3. Discribe the problem on video.

     a) Ask someone for help to make a video.

     b) Video suppsoe to show how the suit generaly fit you.

     c) Show us your whole body from all sides ... make slow 360 turn
         on video

     d) Raise your hands up, then sit on the chair.

     e) Zoom the video to the parts that you want to change.

4. Send a video and describe the problem on email
    adres : 

5. Remember to wash the suit before you send it to us.
    Otherwise we will charge you 50 € for washing.

6. Our goal is to make your suit as comfortable as it possible.

7. Remeber that sometimes obvious things are more complicated
   then you think. So have little faith in us !

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