Sublimation printing is a printing technique that uses the phenomenon of sublimation. The printout is made with special inks on sublimation (transfer) paper, and then, using high-temperature sublimation presses, it is transferred to clothing made of polyester or with a polyester coating. 


Send us your selected pictures and/or graphics files along with a description of the distribution of these graphics on the suit to describe your idea and vision. A simple hand-drawn drawing showing your idea can also be helpful. Based on the files received from you, we will prepare a project and send you visualizations for approval. After agreeing on all details and approving the design, we will start the production of your suit.


122 EUR 23% VAT excluded

Price includes 1,5 hours of work from our graphic designer to prepare a design for printing. The total printed area of the suit is around 50 % or less.


240 EUR 23% VAT excluded

Price includes 3 hours of work from a graphic designer to prepare the design for printing. The total printed area of the suit is from 70 % to 100%.


We make every effort to obtain the highest possible print quality. Although it should be mentioned that the color of the print will not be exactly the same as the fabric dyed statically by the manufacturer. The darkest color we can print will not be exactly as dark as our black-dyed fabrics, there will be a slight variation in shade that will be visible to sharp-eyed people. We only print on white material, so if you want an individual design, you can leave selected parts for printing in white.

Keep in mind  above information during printed parts selection.


Our suits are designed in a 3D blender on standard models which sometimes makes it difficult to fit a continuous pattern on the suit parts. We make every effort to ensure that the graphics match, we will inform you if there is a risk of a mismatch. Sometimes a simple design is more difficult to print than a complex pattern. We will inform you about any problems during the design process. It is also difficult to estimate the time we devoted to the design process. In the case of a difficult project, we charge 35 EUR / h for the time of our graphic designer after the time included in the print price. Our team will inform you about any additional costs during the ordering process.

Please keep in mind the above information in case of choosing a printing option.


Printed coveralls do not need any special care, apart from the general washing rules available on our website. Follow washing instructions carefully to make sure the materials of your suit last as long as possible.


Please make sure that your design is not violating any copyrights. Print files should be of best quality not less than 150 dpi. If you search for graphics via Google use the options: Tools >Size > Big Size. The better the file, the better the printout. 

Preferred formats:

- vector files: eps, ai, cdr, pdf

- bitmap files: psd, tiff, jpg


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