We focus on tailor-made clothing for everyday flying and everything after.

You can choose from Full Custom suits or standard size. Quality is the same, just fitting precision and price is different.  

Remember to consider what category of the suit is most suitable for you.

Take into consideration your weight, height, skills and flying style. Always take the suit measurements with the clothing you intend to fly with. The suits can feel slightly uncomfortable on the first try however, after a few strokes or a short time in the air the suit should fit perfectly.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality jumpsuit and the most comfortable skydiving clothing on the market. If you are looking for a perfect fit, we need 31 dimensions from you. Follow the video step by step where we show you how to take the appropriate measurements. You pay for quality and comfort so one adjustment you have for free. We are gonna ask you to follow the return steps necessary to fit your suit according to your needs. If there is your next order, you do not have to fill in the dimensions again. Mark that we have your measurements on the product page during the ordering process.


We produce standard size suits on ready-made templates. Thanks to this, we can lower the cost of the overalls and shorten the production time. Remember that Standard size suits will not fit you perfectly. You pay for quality but choose a standard fit so we charge for any adjustments to the suit depending on the work we need to do. We will ask you to follow the steps necessary to adjust the suit to your needs.


Our goal is to deliver the highest quality and most comfortable, everyday use clothes with skydiving touch. Give us your basic measurements and we're gonna deliver you the best fitting gear on the market. If you want to customize our casual clothing, with your logo or have some special request for the fitting. drop info in the comment box on the product site. Our team will take care of you. 


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