We focus on tailor-made clothing for everyday flying and everything after.

You can choose from Full Custom suits or standard size. Quality is the same, just fitting precision and price is different. 


We want the suit to fit you as good as possible. To be able to sew the suit according to your needs, we need the measurements to be taken in the exact way shown in the video.


We offer our customers high quality skydive suits. 

We believe all of our suits should be made to the highest possible standard using the best materials from the Polish sewing room and factory. 

Everything is manufactured in Warsaw using fabrics from the European union.


Our goal is to make your suit as comfortable as it possible.


Follow washing instructions carefully to make sure the materials of your suit last as long as possible.


Sublimation printing is a printing technique that uses the phenomenon of sublimation. The printout is made with special inks on sublimation (transfer) paper, and then, using high-temperature sublimation presses, it is transferred to clothing made of polyester or with a polyester coating. 


Embroidery is the process of turning graphic design into needle and thread art for application to the fabric. These designs can be simple, single color or multi-colour intricate pieces of art. If the fabric can be laid flat then it can be embroidered.

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