We always knew that we wanted to create for a worldwide scale, not only for Polish skydivers. That’s why we had to figure out what would be the perfect international name for our brand. It had to be simple, catchy and most importantly - it had to have a deeper meaning to our community.

Why DEEM? 

During the jump our orientation in space plays a trick on your brain and the notion that something is upside down or not… is not so obvious. We wanted our logo not to be so obvious either.

Deem is borrowed from English. The verb ‘deem’ means ‘regard or consider in a specific way’. We always approach things in a very specific and individual way regardless of the competition and the public. Some people prefer to look at the world standing on the ground… We like to look at it from a higher and wider perspective and admire the beauty of it during the jump from above the clouds. 

With reference to perspective, turning our logo upside down, what word do you see? Yes, you’re reading it correctly - that word is ‘weed’.

Why weed? The biggest creativity comes when your mind is relaxed and the overall vibe is chill… Every skydiver knows how to achieve that state of mind -  “One spliff a day keeps the evil away” as they say! That was the simplest, yet genius inspiration to figure out the final name.

Smoking marijuana is a type of spiritual act, the validity of which is tried to be confirmed with quotes from the Bible. It is used for reasoning and is treated as a sacrament that purifies the body and mind, increases awareness, facilitates peaceful coexistence and brings you closer to YAH. Rastafarians see it as a mind-opening substance - something the Babylonian system reasoning does not explicitly wish for.

We learned the most during the proverbial 'Jointcito’ meetings. Listening to different opinions on one topic without any sense of an unhealthy competition in it, only the pure desire to develop our sport that we love so much. It is somewhat reminiscent of a meeting of a group of Rastafarians who sit in a circle shaking hands with Spliff and discuss ethical, social, and all other issues leading to enlightenment. 

When the DEEM logo is in the normal orientation, you can see an arrow pointing downwards under the inscription, which directly symbolizes what our brand does - skydiving. After turning it 180 degrees, you will see a beautiful leaf of the aforementioned herb.

In the DEEM Flywear brand, we try to live in harmony with nature (to this end we limit the consumption of plastic in our branding packaging) and our skydiving environment. We are always open to new solutions and approaching new product design with an open mindset. One of our greatest values is that we treat everyone in our industry as friends. Even those who are theoretically our competition. So if you know… you know.

BY Grzegorz Kowalik

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