Many of you are asking what is the difference between DNA NG and DNA PRO.  We explain it here.

Both suits are made from the same fabric, the same threads, and made by the same team but with different cuts. So why is there a difference in price? 

DNA NG suit is built on measure. We look for a perfect fit, so we need 31 measurements from you. To make this suit as good as possible we need 6 weeks. DNA NG is a perfect choice if you think about competition or working as an instructor or coach. We know how painful it is to spend hours in the tunnel in a not well-fitting suit. You pay for quality and comfort so one adjustment you have for free without any questions. Cuts are designed to give flyers the biggest movement range in a suit possible.

DNA PRO suit is built from standard templates. Thanks to this, we can lower the cost of the overalls and shorten the production time which is 4 weeks. The cuts are designed to fit well enough for most body shapes. DNA PRO is a perfect tool to start your journey with indoor skydiving and not spend a bunch of money on a first suit. The suits are available in basic sizes. Choose your size from a chart or upgrade to „BUILD ON MEASURE” making your suit a perfect fit.  Remember that Standard size suits will not fit you perfectly. You pay for quality but choosing a STANDARD you agree that the suit will not fit you perfectly, so we are gonna charge you for alterations if they are needed. The cuts are designed to fit the widest number of people in one size. So the suit will never be as comfy as DNA NG. You can choose the option: „BUILD ON MEASURE” to fit your new DNA PRO better but we always suggest choosing DNA NG instead! Just write in the comment box that you want DNA NG cuts.


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