Have you ever dreamed of a combination of these things: sea, sand, pine forest, skydiving and a few days off? Yeah, we also dig this combo!

For this reason, since 2018 the Deem Flywear Team together with the befriended SKYDIVE HEL drop zone (led by Bartek "Dragon" Staśkiewicz) is organizing an event with a simple but at the same time very fitting name... Hel. Normally it would be obligatory to add one more letter "l" at the end of that word, but our version of Hel is a place where instead of suffering for your sins, you finally feel alive!



Hel is a city in Poland, located on the Hel Peninsula, which is surrounded by the Baltic Sea. During the holiday season you will find here Polish surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing elite. There are lots of parties and events all over the peninsula, wherever you turn. It is not without reason that everyone wants to spend summer time in this place - there is something really magical and exceptional in the synergy of the Polish sea with the Polish pine forests…

Maybe it is the combination of these two natural elements - water and earth, that makes you unable to resist its amazing vibrations. Speaking of the elements… We've added one more to the mix, that makes our event special. Air.

When you make your first (or hundredth) jump on Hel, not only you can see the land, but also the water beautifully shimmering in the sunlight. And all of that wrapped up in a higher perspective.

At the end of the day, when landing on a sand beach overlooking the forest, the rest of the crew awaits you. These people are the ones with whom you will party to the rhythm of electro beats under the night sky... Yeah, it’s a vibe!

In the beginning, the event was organized a little secretly only by Deem Flywear and the guests were only our closest friends. There was no tension, work, LO (Load Organizers - people who lead the jumps). Skydiving in its pure form.

It is worth adding that this is not an event where only Polish skydivers appear - quite the opposite. We invite friends from the farthest corners of the world like Australia, USA, Brazil, Costa Rica, France, Germany and more. Each skydiver with a different background and experience, and all of them arriving with one goal - they just want to skydive with the closest homies.

Diversity is very important to us, because the “old players” serve with their experience, and young and promising skydivers can develop under the watchful eye of the best. On the other hand, no one comes to Hel by chance. The truth is that life itself verifies who appears at the event, without much plan and unnecessary expectations.

In 2021, we organized the first commercial, but still an invitation only event.

In 2022 there were 24 skydivers and 7 LOs that took part in it, which allowed us to introduce even more slack and distance, and thus - each member of the crew could share their experience without fearing the demotivating opinion of others. Many people stay for a few days longer, sharing the sky, beach and dance floor with the rest of the DEEM Team.


As you know, time flows differently on vacation - the day unfolds slowly.

The most important factor that determines the course of individual events (in our case) is the weather, but the constant elements are:

7 AM - Morning warm up with Fabian Ramseyer

8 AM - Buffet breakfast at the campground where we live

9 AM - “Wheels up" - The first departure

There is some free time between departures to use for a lunch, rest or shower. 

The houses in which we live are located 3 minutes walk from the Drop Zone.

In the evening, we organize jumps to the beach by the bunker, there is also a mat there for arranging parachutes. You can grab a cold beer and enjoy live music played by Shaun DeLorme and Rafael Schweiger. 

Curfew… NONE.

That’s a description of a perfect day, but as you know, the weather on the peninsula is very changeable and unpredictable. We try to fill the participants' time with other attractions such as go-karts, visiting bunkers, skateparks and  board games. We communicate on a regular basis through a private fanpage on Instagram, where we provide information related to the event.

DEEM Flywear is always involved in projects that not only open doors for other people, but most importantly have a huge impact in rebuilding the skydiving community mindset little by little. We hope to guest more people every year and can’t wait for the next edition. In conclusion - if you’re a skydiver and you hear a sentence “Go to Hel” - make sure that you understand it correctly!


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