Why skydiving suit?

In the last 20 years, practically everything has changed in skydiving - not only about the sudden increase in popularity of this sport. The awareness of the environment has changed as well as the equipment we use, the technique of flying in the air and on the canopy, broadly understood safety, business opportunities, but what is also important - fashion, and that is everything that identifies us as that specific person who jumps out of the airplane.

Currently, if you want to have a skydiving suit, t-shirt, sweatshirt, bag or anything else that you need to skydive (and to identify with it), you don’t have to figure it out yourself. No need to look for a decent tailor who will meet your expectations and tell you how it should be sewn so that it does not fall apart after the first use. All you have to do is use the Internet, check Instagram or Facebook. When you find what you like you simply order it, without worrying too much that you have just spent a lot of money on something that may be non-functional and inconvenient. It's really satisfying when you jump in a suit made especially for you. Because of the fact that the suit is made to a particular measure - it fits perfectly, but Deem Flywear goes one step further. The brand combines functionality with style. In addition, it does not impose its design on anyone - each customer has the opportunity to personalize the suit (and not only the suit) so that feels even more special. Let's take into account that now we can order the suit we want and it is no different from ordering a suit or dress made to measure - we can choose the material appropriate for the application, color, accessories, whether it should be more fitted or loose, we can even add graphics. We want it to be known that there is no other gear like this in the world. In the previous years, the material for the jumpsuit was just what was available in the warehouse, the shape depended on the creativity of self-styled tailors, and when there were more than three colors to choose from - it was already a great success.

The conclusion in this comparison is obvious - the suit definitely wins with the number of rational arguments, but if you do not have your skydiving clothing yet and you want your jumps to be better and better - contact Deem Flywear Team to make your next skydiving dream come true.It would seem that when we already have these dream suits, not much new can surprise us. Ready for load, you wait for the rest of the team, and then suddenly a guy comes in jeans, a checked shirt and looks cooler than all the rest of the people on the plane. The question immediately appears in your head: What now, what to choose, what will be better? If one person chooses a suit and the other one jumps in short pants and a stretched blouse - what should I be skydiving in?

First of all, beginners or people with little experience should not have this dilemma. Surely you have one or two suits that were designed to help you develop your skills. In addition, you know its behavior in the air, because you have jumped and flew in the tunnel in it more than once, and most importantly - the suit gives you safety and protects your material goods in the air.

When it comes to choosing a suit there is really no problem, because it is strictly intended for skydiving - it fits, nothing sticks out of it, everything is in its place. You just feel good in it because it does the job.


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