Deem Flywear gives you warranty for the material and stitching for 12 months. If the products are manufacturing errors we will repair the suit for free. You pay for quality and comfort so one adjustment you have for free without any questions.  We are gonna ask you to follow the return steps necessary to fit your suit according to your needs. The “Warranty” does not include repairs of failures, fading colors caused by accident, careless treatment, wearing away, or misuse.

The problem must be reported by email not less than 30 days after receiving the suit. Deem Flywear does not give a warranty for damages caused during delivery. The warranty does not include stains and burns. But we are glad to help you out fix your suit if there is such a need. We're gonna inform you about possible costs after settling all the details.

Report any problems to our address office@deemflywear.com.


The customer covers the costs of warranty delivery to Deem Flywear. If necessary, we recommend couriers. Deem Flywear is not responsible for lost shipments during delivery. Deem flower covers the costs of the guarantee delivered to the customer.