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This hybrid suit is designed to combine the best performance for both skydiving and wind tunnel flying. If you are looking for a durable, more conventional-looking suit that is designed to last life at the DZ but also work well in the wind tunnel, This might be your match. "crank" is made almost entirely of "cordura lite", the thinnest, fully breathable fabric that we have ever used in our workshop. This material gives you a bit more drag compared to our DNA line “pyjama” suits and is stronger than the RSX. Depending on the options you can design your "crank" to be either tight or to have a bit more room. You can choose elastic softshell / lycra inserts to enhance comfort during skydiving or indoor skydiving. For extreme drag reduction, we have introduced a new “super tight” fitting option for legs and arms. "dynamic free-fly" -modification comes totally without flexible inserts, but you have to let us take precise measurements at our workshop! This suit comes with a standard embroidered "crank" logo on the right shoulder. you can also choose to add an extra logo on the stomach area from size l. In the feminine version waistline and chest, areas are specifically designed for better fit and comfort. these suits have the distinctive "crank girls" embroidery. There are diverse options available to make your suit even more practical for skydiving. you can add for example cordura bum reinforcement, knee foams, and grips!

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