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Crux is designed mostly with the new flyers in mind to fill the purpose of their first skydiving or tunnel suit. The model is based on our experience of building ft and student suits in standard sizes. all crux models are made from dorlastan. It’s a semi-custom product designed to be comfortable, durable and good-looking. We’ve prepared over 30 different sizes that are manufactured right here in our workshop in warsaw with the same quality as fully customized products. Our idea was to deliver a comfortable product without measuring customers and with higher availability. There is no fitting option on the order form as the sizing depends solely on the customer’s height and weight. For a heavy person fitting will be regular and for a slim person fitting will be tight. However, it’s not as “tight” fit as in the DNA family products. We have designed “adaptive cuffs” to have a wider range of drag for sleeves and legs. they adapt to the dimensions of the flyer and adjust the area of fabric needed. For example, a person with long arms and legs needs less drag, so the sleeves extend. on the other hand, if arms or legs are shorter than the regular size, the sleeve fit will be slightly longer and give more drag.

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